Breakfast for weight gain and weight management .

• Breakfast is the very important meals of the day . Because before the breakfast we eat dinner and after the dinner we take fast for whole night . In the morning after the seven or eight hours of dinner we break the fast we need energy to work whole day and breakfast is very important for energy . This is also very important for weight gain . Some people are very thin and want to gain weight , so then they need to take breakfast daily.

Top four food for weight gain

Banana and milk

Banana is full of nutrients and energy .It is also great source of essential minerals and vitamins . If you want to gain weight then you have to eat banana with milki in breakfast . Because milk and banana combinations is the ,best food for extreme fast weight gain . Banana is also help to improve your mood. It contain magnesium that help to your heart, muscle and immune system function properly. One banana contain 100 calories and 1 cup of milk contain 80 calories. For weight gain you have to eat more than two banana daily with milk.


Egg is perfect food for weight gain. Those people who want to gain weight faster, than you can eat egg in your breakfast. You can boil egg and eat it, it is more beneficial . Egg yolk is good source of vitamin E ,vitamin D , vitamin B12 , and omega 3 fats etc. For weight gain amino acid is very beneficial , egg contain all amino acids. Maximum two or more than two eggs eating daily is very good for weight gain. After the eating egg you can also take milk.

These are superfood for weight gain


Black gram is good source of carbohydrates and protein, gram also contain potassium copper, zinc, fiber. For gain weight you eat always soaked gram with jaggery. You have to properly chewing the gram. Gram also help in reducing bad cholestero.


Breakfast is very important to work whole day and breakfast gives energy to work whole day. You can eat oats in your breakfast . It contain zinc , magnesium , iron ,manganese. It also help to reduce bad cholesterol in your body. Oats has potassium that help to control high blood pressure . Oats has complex carbs and fiber that give you long lasting energy . For gain weight you can cook oats with milk , banana and almond and eat it. It is really help you to gain weight.

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