Healthy vegetables for fit body

Vegetable are very beneficial for you . This is very needed for human. Human needs to consume healthy vegetables daily in their food plate. Many people and children don’t like to eat vegetables . But it’s very important for children’s growth. It keep us healthy. Vegetable are rich in nutrients and save us from many disease . Vegetable contains water that keep us hydrated . It give us so many health benefits because of we need to eat healthy vegetable.

Top best seven healthy vegetables


Carrots is very popular root vegetables and found in many colour like red , yellow etc. It very healthiest vegetable. It contain beta – carotene , alpha carotene , carrot contain many nutrients such as: zeaxanthin, lutein, gamma carotene, vitamin A , vitamin B, vitamin C , vitamins K , minerals and fiber. It help to boost boost your immune system . It’s also help to maintain cholesterol and blood sugar level because of high potassium and carrot are low in sugar and calories. It’s help your body to burn more fat and lose excess of weight because carrot help your body to create more bile secretion. Carrot gives so many health benefits and for all benefits, we have to eat carrot daily for all healthy benefits.

Brinjal is also called the king of vegetable because it has many properties and nutrients which are very good for our health . It contain vitamins and minerals and other nutrients , such as vitamins B1 , vitamins K , vitamins B6 , manganese , potassium , folate etc. That is really good for healthy heart because it contains good amounts of potassium , vitamins B6 and folate. Its also good for diabetics patience because brinjal rich in fiber and it ability to contain blood sugar level. If you are suffering from digestion problems like stomach aches, constipation and heartburn etc. Then you have to consume brinjal because its help you to free form all of digestion problem. Brinjal help to boost your immune system because brinjal has antibacterial and antiviral properties.

beetroot is really very beneficial and improve our health


Beetroot is root vegetables and it has great health benefits . We consume beetroot in many ways like salad , juice and supe etc. Beetroot contains good amount of nutrients that really good for our health. It contains vitamin A, vitamin C ,vitamin B . That is also good source of calcium , iron , magnesium , potassium and manganese ,fiber etc. It has ability to boost immune system because its rich in vitamins C . It is good for digestion system and also improve your blood quality. Beetroot juice also help to control blood sugar level . Beetroot also to flush out the toxic substances from the body because it has fiber and antioxidants properties.

Spinach is type of leafy vegetables. It is healthy vegetables testy vegetable . It gives you great health benefits. Spinach is super food because it contains it contain vitamins and minerals, as well as folic acid , iron , and calcium .that is also rich in fiber magnesium and protein . Spinach is good source of fiber. That really help to keep the digestive tract healthy. After eating spinach you have to take lots of water that really help in good digestion. It help to boost promote healthy skin, spinach is good source of nutrients that help your skin healthy and pimple free and looking young skin because of rich in vitamins C. It help to boost immune system and it pregnant lady consume spinach that really good for their baby immune system. Spinach is rich in all essential nutrients and help to function of brain healthy.

Garlic is very healthy for your body


Garlic has so many health benefits . We consume garlic in many ways like garlic used to make veggies, we also eat raw garlic and garlic with water. It has antiviral and antibacterial properties and help to fight with virus and bacteria. This is prevent from food poisoning and bacterial and fungal infections. That help you to keep your metabolism healthy. Garlic is really help in weight loss and control blood sugar level. Raw garlic help to boost your energy.
Mustard green

Mustard green is nutrient rich and leafy healthy vegetables. Mustard green contain vitamin A that really help in good eye health. It is good source of vitamin K and help your bones to keep strong and healthy. It improve your brain health because it is rich in potassium, folic acid and other nutrients. Mustard green also help to formation of red blood cells in premature baby just because mustard green is very important for pregnant lady.

Broccoli is an Italian vegetable and type of cabbage. It’s really give you great health benefits. If you want to Reduce your weight then you have to add broccoli in your diet.this is low in fat and low calorie that really help to Reduce weight quickly . Boost your brain power and improve your memory capacity because its good source of vitamin K and vitamin B. It contains carotenoid, namely lutein and zeaxanthin that really beneficial for your eye. Broccoli is very healthyvegetable.

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