Best healthy drink to boost immune system

We here from everyone that we should boost our immunity . But no one say why we need to boost immunity. Boosting immunity our immunity. Because strong immunity has ability to defeat all the diseases. Strong immunity protect us from viral fiver . It is also protecte from bactrial disease. Healthy immunity is very important for healthy life. Our immune system make antibiotics against the disease . We can also consume drink to boost immunity. Immunity play very important role to give us healthy life.

Top four drink to boost immunity


Apple is really very beneficial and healthy fruit. We purchase apple in our market very easily. Apple is full of nutrients. It contain carbohydrates, fats, proteins and minerals. It is good source of vitamin C , vitamin A , vitami E and vitamin K . If we take apple juice regularly . Then it really beneficial for our immunity. Because apple is good source of vitamin C . vitamin c play very important role in boosting immunity .apple is also good source of fiber and fiber helps in good digestion
Honey water

Honey has so many great health benefits. It consumed every day then its very beneficial for your health. It contain protein,minerals, vitamin A , vitamin D, vitamin C , iron etc. Honey consumed with water its give great health benefits. Honey water is beneficial to boost immune system. It is good source of vitamin c . Vitamin c help our immunity to fight with virus. So honey help to boost immune system. It’s also help to production in red blood cells. If you want to boost immunity then you need to consume honey and with water.

by consume these drinks we can improve our immunity

Garlic with water

Garlic is known as superfood for boost immunity. So it’s very useful to fight against common cold and flu. This is contain calcium, potassium . It has antibiotics and antiviral properties . That really help in boosting immunity and fight against viruses .regularly contain garlic with water very beneficial for us
Orange juice

Orange is very healthy and testy fruit. It is also known as citrus fruit. This is gives great health benefits and helps to boost your immunity . It contain potassium, magnesia vitamin c , fiber and folic acid etc. So it is very beneficial for digestion . Because it’s rich in fiber and its help in make strong bones. If we consume it regularly then it’s help to control in blood pressure. It’s very beneficial for boosting immunity. This is great source of vitamin c and it’s help immunity to fight against diseases.

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