How to control stress level

In this time we hear from everybody that they are in stress. But what is stress? When we are think about only one thing and that not happen then we are think why this is not happen then we are in the stress. We need control our stress level for happy and healthy life. All people are taking stress in all small thing that happen in their life and their environment.

Best way to control stress level

• Effects of exercise

If you want healthy and happy life then exercise is very effective. Exercise is very beneficial for our health and exercise is very effective to control in stress level. If you want to live stress free and happy life then you have to do exercise daily. When we do exercise you feel energetic, confident and healthy. Exercise help to control stress level and help to enhance positive mood. It is also help to calm yourself down .Exercise boost your motivation, focus and memory and feel happier.
Share your problem with someone

When you feel stress then you need to share your problem with your trusted person. Everyone definitely has a person that they like to, they can we anyone ,friend or relative someone right now. Because when you feel stress you need to talk with someone when you share your problem and stress with someone then you feel relaxe and stress free.

Easiest way to stress free life

• Do whatever you like to do mos

When we feel stress and think about anything. Then you have to do that thing you most like to do most just like singing dancing ,playing and talk with anyone etc. Because when do something that we like to most ,when we forget our problem and stress and feel happier.
Stop to do overthinking

We are stress about very small problem but we are over thinking about their problem just because of overthinking a small stress change into depression. For happy and stress free life. We need stop to do overt.

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