Food for good digestion system

Human needs food to live healthy and live longer life . It plays very important role in our life . All people need food to grow, strong and live healthy. It also gives energy to do work . Gives us energy for work and play . Good food makes our bones and body strong . Food also help to improve digestion system . Digestion system is very important because it absorb nutrients from food . Many people suffering from digestion problem like bloating , cramping and constipation etc. So healthy food helps you to improve you digestion system

Top six food for good digestion system

Pineapple help in good digestion.

Pineapple found easily and twelve months . It is very beneficial for good digestion . It is good source of fiber . Fiber helps to improve your digestion system . Because of fiber it helps to passage of food through the intestine . Additionally , pineapple stimulates the production of gastric juice that help dissolve food rich in protein . It is also affective in diarrhea because of high in fiber.

Broccoli is best food for digestion system.

Broccoli is great source of vitamin K and C , float (folic acid) . Excellent source of dietary fiber , vitamins B6 , vitamins E ,manganese . One Broccoli contains nearly 1 gram of fiber per 10 calories . Fiber helps to good digestion and helps maintain healthy bacteria . Fiber also help to maintain healthy bacteria levels in the intestines .

Banan is the best food for good digestion. a

Banana are very best and healthy food . Banana are given great benefits of our body . It is help to heal your weight and improve your mood etc. If you are suffering from digestion problems . Banana also help to improve your digestion system . It has two digestive enzymes amylases and glucosid .That helps to digest complex carbs and sugars . So it is also help to serve healthy bacteria . This is also best breakfast for weight gain .

Sweet potat help to improve digestion

Sweet potato is also good source of fiber . It is also rich in healthy minerals and vitamins . Fiber are very important to improve digestion system. Sweet potato are abundant in them . So they help in colon cancer prevention and relive constipation.

Honey is so effective in digestion problem.

Honey is good source of many minerals , enzymes and amino acids . Itand useful for improve digestion system . It is help in diarrhea . Because of its slow passage than other regular sugar , through the stomach and intestines . Honey also help to improve your digestive system. That so helps in avoiding any stomach related disease .For improve digestion , you can take honey in the morning with warm water .

Lemon is help to improve digestion system.

Lemon is very beneficial for our health. It help to improve digestion system . Lemon contain vitamins and nutrients . It contains vitamin C , Complex vitamins. Lemon is calcium , potassium , iron , magnesium and fiber . So if you want to improve your digestion system . You have to take lemon with water in the morning . After 15 to 20 minutes later you take breakfast . It helps to loosen and remove toxins in your stomach . it is also help in other digestion problem like heartburn , burping , and bloating . Lemon also help to keep immune system healthy

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